Our Mission

We are a Fitness Ministry dedicated to transforming lives using a proven, three phase program that combines fitness, nutrition, and accountability.

We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything; and our mission is to help you establish sustainable, healthy habits that will improve every aspect of your life, for the rest of your life.

As a Faith Based Organization, our Christian Values are at the core of everything we do. The 4:13 in our name is in reference to Philippians 4:13, which reads “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

People of all faiths and walks of life are welcome here. It is our great honor to provide the tools of physical health to help our members grow in Mind, Body and Spirit; respecting the journey of each individual.

full body workouts that leave you energized

go beyond your limits

Train With Experts

Meet Our Coaches
Coach JT Tapias
Coach Crystal Reyes
Coach Kelsie Bailey
Coach Chris Baez

You can push it as far as you want!


our services
Small Group Training
Personal Training


“Stretch, breathe and connect” Yoga at FITmethod 413 is offered 6 days per week, and is suitable for all levels.

With a focus on breath and alignment, our skilled yoga teachers will guide you through 60 minutes of gentle Hatha based flow.

Our Clients Believe in Us

What will your transformation look like?


Take the first step. we will do the rest.

Our dynamic and fun workouts are results-oriented. They combine resistance training, strength and conditioning, cardio, plyometrics, core training, and flexibility exercises. And…. all done in small groups!
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