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  • 18 Semi Private sessions
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  • Home Workouts
  • FIT3 Physical assessment
  • Before and After Pictures
  • Nutrition Program
  • Meal plans  
  • Recipe Book
  • Restaurant Guide

Winshan's Journey

CLICK TO HEAR MY STORY!  After two months of training, 3 times per week, I managed to lose 7 Lbs, 9 inches of body fat and 2 inches on my waist.

I dropped from size 12 to 6!

Sarah's Stress Relief

CLICK TO HEAR MY STORY!  I joined FITmethod 413 almost 2 months ago. I have a stressful job and JT's workouts help me a lot dealing with that. I feel so revitalized afterwards that I fly through my day.

Jasmina's Story

CLICK TO HEAR MY STORY!  In ONE month I lost 7 Lbs of body fat and regained so much energy! I can keep up and play with my kids. The transformation is amazing, a Jasmina before and after training with JT!

And some more Reasons Why You Should Join!

Just in case you're not convinced yet.... Regular Workouts release endorphins which will have following POSITIVE effects on you:

It reduces your Stress Levels

It improves your Sleep Quality

It boosts your Brain Function and Memory

It lifts your Mood and combats Depression

And how about these effects on your Well-Being?

Tone your Body and Promote Healthy Skin

Boost Your Confidence

Improve your Libido

Reignite Your Social Life

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