90 Day Body Transformation

The 90 Day Body Transformation Program is highly personalized, with a focus on fitness and nutrition coaching. Your meals and workout plan are designed around the food you enjoy and your individual fitness level. Our skilled, licensed dietitians will create a plan that is effective AND tastes good! No time to get to the gym? No problem! You will have the option to work out at home or at the gym; and your weekly coaching sessions will support, inspire and educate at your convenience.

  • Orientation
    Map out your goals
    FIT 3D assessment
    36 private 1 on 1, or semi -private sessions
    24 Coach Facilitated Cardio Session
    Nutrition Consultation
    Recipe Book – Grocery list – Restaurant guide
    Home Workouts
    Weekly Weigh-ins
    Private Facebook Group

What will your transformation look like?

Winshan's Journey

CLICK TO HEAR MY STORY!  After two months of training, 3 times per week, I managed to lose 7 Lbs, 9 inches of body fat and 2 inches on my waist.

I dropped from size 12 to 6!

Sarah's Stress Relief

CLICK TO HEAR MY STORY!  I joined FITmethod 413 almost 2 months ago. I have a stressful job and JT’s workouts help me a lot dealing with that. I feel so revitalized afterwards that I fly through my day.

Jasmina's Story

CLICK TO HEAR MY STORY!  In ONE month I lost 7 Lbs of body fat and regained so much energy! I can keep up and play with my kids. The transformation is amazing, a Jasmina before and after training with JT!

Crush your Goals with us in 90 Days!

And you can push it as far as you want!

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