Our Philosophies


We believe that clarity is power. Knowing what you want and formulating a plan is what we do best! One of our Professional Fitness Life Coaches will sit with you and strategize the best plan of action in order to achieve your goals in record time.


Discipline is one of those words that human’s dislike the most, but when this concept is embraced it has the potential to change the trajectory of your life for the positive, creating mental grit and fueling your mind body, and spirit.


Consistency is the ability to stay on track no matter what comes our way. Through strong accountability tools and motivation we keep our members engaged allowing them to reach their goals

Personalized Circuit Training

Our Group Personal Circuit Training sessions are 50 minutes long. We believe that the human body has 50 anabolic minutes in where all physical movement is well received and fruitful. Any workout that lasts over 50 minutes or more puts the body into a catabolic breakdown state.

 With our training and help, you will:

    Burn fat 97% faster.
    Get 50 minutes of fast pace, high-intensity, interval training.
    Combine aerobic, cardiovascular training, with anaerobic resistance training that rotates through a series of stations.
    Exercises based on functional training. Bodyweight exercises, suspension training, and a variety of natural techniques used to condition your body like never before.
    Every program comes with a full body assessment and a customized lifestyle plan.

The idea is to work smart, efficient, and to see visible change in the shortest amount of time.

Our results are tangible within the first 30 days.

We assure you that you’ll burn more calories per minute with FITmethod 413 than with any other program in The Tampa Bay area, helping you to quickly reach your fitness goals in a dynamic, encouraging, safe environment.This is a highly effective Functional Circuit Training workout routine that rotates through a series of three circuits and three rounds combining aerobic and functional circuit training exercises.

The high metabolic activities employed in our personal group circuit training sessions include burpees, squat jumps, star jumps, high knees, and an assortment of unique cardio routines.

The fitness training routine changes every week to create muscle confusion but more importantly to avoid physical plateau and mental boredom.

Baretero Technique

The “Baretero Methodology” was created out of mere necessity to bring a middle ground to an ongoing rise to Cross Fit gyms, colorful theories, and lots gimmicks that focus on performance and not necessarily on client safety or tangible results. Our technique was created in the streets of Colombia South America and perfected in Monkey bar outdoor gyms in Brooklyn New York where the founder JT Tapias was born and raised. The technique focuses on body weight exercises, circuits, and high repetitions to get your body into the best condition you have ever been in.
Class Schedule

The weight training routines incorporate “Baretero Techniques” TRX bands, plyometric, free weights, resistance tubing, and stabilization / core strengthening exercises. 

We believe that nutrition plays the most important role when it comes to getting in tiptop shape. That’s why we focus a great deal of time mapping out your specific goals, strategizing your nutrition plan with one of our Certified Health Counselors.

The Mind, Body and Spirit Relationship

The correlation between mind, body has never been argued but when you speak about the mind, body and spirit you will get a couple of eyebrows to rise.


We believe in a Trichotomy, This threefold belief system consists of a mind, body and spirit. We believe that this brings perfect harmony in an individual’s life. Mans search for God has been inexhaustible through the history of mankind.

Our main core belief system is that when the body is in perfect alignment through physical movement, proper nutrition, and diaphragmatic breathing the individual can think with a clear mind, this clear mind then gives him or her the possibility to acknowledge their creator.

We are a Christian based business. Our roots and foundation are in Jesus Christ. That being said, we don’t judge, preach, or condemn. We are here to invite and not to convict. We operate out of love, and compassion for all human beings regardless of where they are in life.

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