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Our Mission 

To provide for orphans and widows in their affliction through proper nutrition and education based on the word of God.

Our Vision 

To raise a generation of men and women equipped with biblical principals that will help them thrive in all arenas of life and provide them with the right nutrition for proper brain development.

Founders Story

JT and Ana Maria Tapias were both born in Medellin, Colombia. Their families provided for them to the best of their ability, but they both experienced difficult childhoods and times of extreme scarcity. JT and Ana Maria met in Orlando, Florida. They dated for four months, and shortly after they got married. They have two daughters: SaraMia and Hannah Tapias. They have a fitness ministry in Tampa, Florida, where they reside. JT and Ana Maria strongly believe that if they had been brought up in stable homes and guided by the word of God, life would’ve looked very different for them. Their desire is that under-privileged kids and widows will have the opportunity to thrive in life through having their basic needs met and being discipled in solid Christian principals.     

FITmethod 413’s Promise

FITmethod 413 vows to donate $1 for every purchase made by members and through services, as well as through offerings and tithes made to the ministry.

FITmethod 413 - Davis Islands

233 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

Manna De Vida Charity